Food Ratings with Fun!

- Instant Ratings. It's what Instarate stands for. Take a picture, give it a star rating, location, category, and you're done.

- Any food or drink. Not limiting ratings to just nachos or pizza or hot wings. Any food or drink can be rated.

- Ratings Feed. In addition to finding ratings near you, there is also a Global Feed that provides a bigger picture of ratings around the world at any given moment. Future enhancements will include a Near you Map view.

- No authentication required. Upon starting the app for the first time, you are generated a username that the app will use until such a time as you desire to claim it (rename it and make it your own).

- User Rankings. Everytime you rate something, your ranking gets updated. Future plans include badging, leaderboards, and "likes".

- Ad Free. No pesky banner ads bugging you.

- Featured Ratings. See your rating featured on the front page! Ratings will be picked for this on a certain time interval.

Featured Rating

"beef pho "

Urban Picnic, San Francisco, CA, United States

Submitted by: valheru 110.0
Created: 11/14/2016

Instarate enables users to rate and categorize food and drink instantly using pictures, categories, and ratings. It's like Instagram for food ratings, providing a fun and shareable experience while making it easy to use. A unique feature is that the app does not require the overhead of having to create an account, instead creating a generic account for every new user which at a later date, the user can claim/rename if they desire.